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International removal

In the case of international or overseas removals please inform very timely about formalities and usual practice. Ask advice from the moving company.
The problems are caused very often by the long time of waiting, what is always charged to the customer.

Customs and toll dues

Inform very timely about the customs formalities. In the case of EU removals, there are any customs formalities necessary. All information from authorities (for example customs) should be confirmed in writing. So you can avoid any problems with the customs clearence.

Pay attention to the moving offer or contract if the costs are included.


Removals to a not EU country are not VAT taxable.

Passport / ID

Before moving check if your travel documents are still valid. Sometimes it is very helpful to let translate authenticate such documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. in the language of the country.
Driving licence: since 1996 every driving licence from the EU country has been valid in the whole EU. Don´t change for example your german driving licence into spanish driving licence !
Spanish driving licences are not unlimited valid and when you advance in age, you have to make tests for prolongation of the driving licence.

Residence permit / work permit / visa

EU citizens are allowed to enter all other EU countries without special formalities. They need only valid identification papers (ID or passport). When the time of stay is not longer than 3 months, the permit of residence is not required. But some EU countries demand registration at corresponding authorities.

Good to know:

EU citizens don´t need the entrance visa within the EU. The border check officers are not authorized to put stamps in passport or ID as a permit of entrance to the country`s territory. It is not allowed to demand any evidence of means of subsistence. It is also not allowed to ask how much money you carry with you or how long and why do you stay in the country. The border officers can only check the validity of your identification papers and their consent with the persons.


Before the removal abroad it is recommendable to make a medical check-up, icluding the check of the vaccine protection and prophylactic dental visit.

Take with you all regular taken medicines in sufficient amount.

Let translate all important medical documents and take it with you.

Detailed information about the recommended vaccinations in several countries you will find for example at Tropeninstitut Munich or Center for Travel Medicine.



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